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Hello all. I could use some help with researching the sinking of the SS Santa Elena. I'm interested in this event because my Grandfather was on the ship.
So far I know that SS Santa Elena was part of Convoy KMF 25A. On November 6,1943 at 18:00 9 bombers and 16 torpedo planes attacked near Cape Bougaroun.
My Questions are:
What Squadron was involved
Where was the squadrons base
What kind of plane

I would appreciate any help trying to dig up my Grandfather's past.
Hello, I just found this site and find it very interesting.
I was in convoy KMF25A aboard the SS Hawaiian Shipper.
I was in the Navy gun crew
When we were attacked on November 6, 1943 we shot down a JU 88
Our ship was not damaged but a torpedo crossed our stern by about 10 meters. Our destination was Palermo where we boarded troops and returned to Gourock.
A report of the attack was made by the Navy Lieutenant in charge of the gun crew and is available from the National Archives
I was 17 years old then and 87 now.
Sorry that I could not answer your questions about the air planes.
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