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Re: Flt Sgt Jammy Payne 501 Squadron 1940


If you look at a picture of him here in posting #11 Bruce Lander's you can see he is much older than all the other NCO's of the Sqn who are about 20

I have been mulling this over.. Bill Wilkinson described Payne as a "senior pilot" and that his family had moved fromto Bognor Regis at the outbreak of the war, which implies that he may have had a child or children.

I have assumed Senior was in Rank, but it occurred to me it may have been age. I also have a theory why not W/O by 1940. However, he died in Chichester which is near Bognor Regis and he had family (I believe may have had up to 4 children)

Maybe he called "Jammy" because he was on Ops at the age when most of his other colleagues of a same age and experience would be instructing some where or other. It would also explain why an ace with 5 kills NOT operational during BoB. Basically, he should never of been on ops in BoF in first place!
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