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Re: 104 Plane crash in WWII, 30 km around of Heidelberg Area Part 1

Check for your P-47's here :-

info in french but full aircraft history

for example :-

Nr.1 P-47, Pilot: Robert A. Brewer, Absturz: 13 März 1945 bei Rinnthal/ Annweiler (Pfalz)

42-27168P-47D-27-RE 324th 316th? Atterrissage forcé le 21/11/44 à Dole/Y-7 (39) - Pilote : Edward D. Woycik Accidenté à l'atterrissage le 17/10/44 à Lunéville/Y-2 (54) - Pilote : Edward D. Woycik
MACR 13013 - 13/03/45 vers Rinnthal (All.) - Pilote : Robert A. Brewer -
Parachuté & POW - Flak

You should find all your other P-47's with a bit of searching on this site.

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