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Re: Soviet - Finnish air war question for 1941

Kari, here is the first page of the Soviet VVS 7th Army report, they were operating between Lake Ladoga and Lake Onezhskoye on Finland’s border, outside of the operation of German ground forces.

Series B
Chief of Staff VVS K.F.
Chief of Stafff 7

1. VVS 7th Army during the day 19.9.41 conducted a reconnaissance campaign of enemy reserves in the direction of Petrozavodsk. Destroyed manpower and technical means of the enemy in the area of Markelitsa and on the roads eastof Lake Syam-Ozero, a large enemy headquarters in the area of the curve of the road 8 km north of Kindasovo and fuel depot. At the incriptions SAR. north 2 km of Kindasovo. Bombarded the R.R. Station Suoyarvi, Lomola, Yanisyarvi. In all made 107 aircraft-flights, Raids - 103 hours. Bombs dropped: FAB-250 -2, FAB-100 -94, FAB-50 -78, AO-15 -50, AO-10 -28, cartridges fired 21300.

2. 72 SBAP in the period 11:00 - 13:00 6 SB with an escor of 3 MiG-3 bombed a large enemy headquarters at the bend of the road 8 km north of Kindasovo, the crews observec up to 20 direct hits of bombs in the area of camouflaged tents. The headquarters was destroyed. In the area of the target the crews were shelled by powerful AAA fire. From the combat mission did not return 3 crews Ml. Leytenant Shcherbakov, Serzhant Shumakov, Ml. Leytenant Kovalev, Leytenant Svir’, St. Serzhant Pantelee. Ml. Leytenant Mironchenko, Ml. Leytenant Ananchenko, St. Serzhant Ivanov. On the reports of othercrews, leading the section under the command of Ml. Leytenant Shcherbakovbombing made in the general formation, after which thesection went into the clouds and dusappeared. On the reports of theMiG-3 escorting crewx, the section of Leytenant Shcherbakov after bombing were attacked by 6 Me-109, the further flight of the section is not observed, presumably the 3 SB crews were shot down by enemy fighters.
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