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Re: Uffz Alois Schopf

From the book "Les victoires de l'aviaton de chasse française volume 3: 5 juin 1940 -24 juin 1940", this Ju 88 was one of the three of II./KG 51 shot down in the afternoon of 5 June 1940 when intercepted by 9 Moranes of GC I/2.

GC I/2 victory claims, all for Ju 88s around 1300 hrs:

1) shared victory by Cne Robert Williame, Lt Pichon, Lt de la Bretonniere, Adj René Weber and Sgt Jacques de Puybusque, SE of Andelot(-Blancheville)

2) shared victory by Cne Robert Williame, Lt Guy Husson, sous-Lt Louis Audebert, Adj René Weber and Sgt Jacques de Puybusque, at Treix (4 km northeast of Chaumont), belly-landed

3) shared victory by Lt Guy Husson, Sgt Jacques de Puybusque, Adj René Weber and Sgt Antoni Beda, 2 km NO Clairvaux, exploded in the air, crew baled out

Two of the lost Ju 88s force-landed, and the one of Oblt Kohl was the only one from which the crew baled out, so it was probably the victim of the third claim.

According to the book, Kohl ordered his crew to bail out and then bailed out too. Still one crew remained in the aircraft and burned with it. Of the other, Fw Gustave Döge and Oblt Kohl landed safely, but Döge was then shot and killed close to Kohl by a French that claimed that he was holding or searching a weapon to fire at him. Another crew was found 800 m more east in a field, but no details is given in the book of how he died.

The book "The Battle of France then and now" by Peter Cronwell has more details about the crew fate:
Oblt Kohl: baled out, discovered with badly injured legs in "Le Bois de Morlieu" three days later (note: from the book above, he saw Döge being killed at close distance, so probably remained hidden in the woods)
Fw Döge: baled out, landed unhurt but shot down by a French officer. Cdt Reverseau, the CO of III./108eme RI, would later report that he was arrogant and threatening, and was shot when he put a hand in his pocket as if reaching for a weapon.
Uffz Werner: baled out but separated from parachute and fell to his death
Uffz Schopf: remained in aircraft and killed.

The crash place is given by Cronwell as "in forest at Clairvaux south of La Borde" and by Gillet as "in forest near Clairvaux abbey (commune of Arconville)".
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