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Re: Late war Bf 109 pictures source

Originally Posted by Marc-André Haldimann View Post
Dobro Srecko,

Thanks for your praise. The colour shot of this G-10 does not convey what a black and white picture does show: an overall RLM 83 camouflage with probably natural metal wings undersurfaces, like W.Nr. 152 3.3.

The G-10 colour shot was taken at Grafenwöhr airfield, in May 1945. I wil try to put my hand again on the b/w photograph and post it.

I believe that at least some of these aircraft might actually have been painted in two dark colors alhough with low contrast - perhaps getting even lower due to thin applications. The reason is that the black and white photo showing the G-10 at Grafenwöhr has faint lines demarcation lines that could just have been various thickness of paint, but then there's similar lines in similar places on other aircraft opening for the possibility of a pattern of some sort.

/ Anders

EDIT: I updated my old profile of this aircraft. The choice of colors are just a theory but it looks the part in black and white. When I looked at the colorphoto of this aircraft I noticed from the wing leading edges that it seems to have had RLM75/83 wings.

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