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Re: In General, What is Everyone Doing?

Hi, guys...

I guess I have to admit to being a secretive 1% er also, as I was studying a coded plan of the radar and other Luftnachrichten installations in Denmark this evening.

It popped out of a file in which it should not really be - and as several people have mentioned - the search for small 'treasure' in the fragmented spoils of the German war machine - adding a small piece to the puzzle is a major driving force for several members here.

I would also like to underline that the fact that the members of this board try not only to be helpful to an extent beyond what can be expected in most cases, but also seem to be able to keep discussions contained on a polite level even when in total disagreement politically or otherwise is nothing short of impressive.

Keep up the good work all - the only thing I really regret is that I have limited time to contribute these days.

Andreas B
Ahhh... but I have seen the holy grail! And it is painted RLM 76 all over with a large Mickey Mouse on the side, there is a familiar pilot in front of it and it has an Erla Haube!
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