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Re: In General, What is Everyone Doing?

Dear Bronc,

Before 2004, the very thing you worry about was a constant occurrence. The server Ruy used limited the number of postings in a forum such that, about every 5-6 weeks, that great bit of info would go off to never never land. I believe one of our members has actually saved the records from before 2004. As for myself, with Ruy's permission, I transferred reference material to my Luftwaffe Archives Group (LWAG - website.

In 2004, Ruy was able to find a server service without the entry number limitation. So, everything you see here dates back to then. I also found it generally unnecessary, due to the changed circumstances, to do much further transferring to the LWAG site.

Both sites are still active today. I presume that TOCH! is protected with backups.

The bigger question is what happens to either site when the administrators are no longer around.

Finally, in regard to the refined decorum found on both sites, this was not at all by accident. If you go back some 10 years you would have found some doozie of flame wars on TOCH!. With constant pressure from Ruy and the membership, these were eventually extinguished. As for the LWAG site, the rules were set in stone at the start, so flame wars never developed and hopefully never will, as these can be a big headache for a site administrator.

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