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Re: In General, What is Everyone Doing?

It all started with an Airfix Spitfire model and many years later a visit to the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum in Southern England. Here, to my surprise, I encountered a Spitfire replica with a Danish flag on the side of the fuselage and a list of Danish volunteer pilots in RAF. This was at the time, 12-14 years ago news for me.

I started researching for the construction of a model of a 'Danish' Spitfire. I have been researching ever since...

A few years later I participated in a conference (with other members of this forum) at which the idea of using a database-driven approach of storing and sharing my research developed. This eventually led to my website, and en route to invaluable help from this and other forums. Some of this was specific pieces of information, some generel tips on reseach issues, archives etc.

And 'suddenly' I find myself being asked questions within my niche... As I am only an amateur historian, I am trying to find the time to enlighten my countrymen about the Danish contribution to the air war through the website, articles and, hopefully one day, the book projects in my drawer.

Had not happened without help from many here. Thank you!

Britain's Victory, Denmark's Freedom. Danish Volunteers in Allied Air Forces During the Second World War - a resource on Danish aircrew during the Second World War
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