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Re: eBAy: Captured german planes

Hello Ed,

I got a copy of the report on Ainring,#E-14 dated 28th June 1945 which is also reproduced in Jerry Crandalls „Doras of the Galland Circus“.
It has three pages, mainly on the research institute itself, on buildings and experimental items found, among them a complete He 280 without jet-engines undergoing stress-tests.

The operational types found were only listed without any notes on subtypes, Werknummern or codes:
3 (?) ME 108
7 ME 109
3JU 87
5 JU 52
3 FW 190 (long nose)
4 HE 111
1 ME 110
1 DO 217
1 JU 88 (with attachment for carrying V-1)
5 Fiesler Storch (sic)
1 TE Transport (Siebel 204).

Published photos show that there were at least two Ar 96 trainers and four DFS 230 gliders around. I would like to see a photo of the Ju 88. Jerrys booklet is full of nice photos anyway!


Carl E. Charles
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