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Re: In General, What is Everyone Doing?

Originally Posted by 19JDKR45 View Post
As I have posted a couple of threads it seems rude not to say why I have been asking very specific questions about the Luftwaffe in North Germany in early April 1945. The reason is that I am carrying out major additional work to a book I authored in 1994 entitled 'No Triumphant Procession - The Forgotten Battles of April 1945'. The book concentrated on the battles fought on the rivers Weser and Aller by formations from British VIII and XII Corps against, in the main, 2.Marine-Infanterie-Division.

I wrote the book in those far-off, pre-internet days when information was far harder to come by and consequently my coverage of the Luftwaffe was very thin. I'm now putting that right and through this excellent forum have already had really helpful assistance from Nick Beale, RodM and Delmenhorst. My thanks to them again. Once I have completed my research I will seek a publisher and hopefully produce a significantly enlarged MkII edition of my book. Pigs might....!
Hey, I have this book: I have always been interested in the last months of the war. In most WWII histories, the various Rhine crossings are described in details and then the focus goes to the Berlin battle. But April 1945 in Western Germany was still bloody (same applies to France after Dunkirk: actually more French and German died after Dunkirk than during the first phase of the campaign, still you read little about it).
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