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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

12 August 1942 10:08 - ? (MT) at an altitude of 3100 m approached 5 Pe-2 from the 793 BBAP to their target in the area of Rzhev and observed antiaircraft fire. They reported being attacked by 2 Bf 109 and 2 He-113 from above on their rear. After 4 attacks the Pe-2s of Leytenant Nikolay Evseev and Mladshiy Leytenant Mikhail Kochkin started loosing altitude. One Pe-2 at an altitude of 100-150 m fell burning 12-15 km north of Rzhev. From the second Pe-2 was observed one member of the crew to parachute, the landing place of both parachutist and aircraft not observed. One returning Pe-2 on returning was damaged and the right landing gear came down as it attempted to make a landing, it folded and further damaged the aircraft. Feldwebel Rudi Meyer of 9./JG 51 claimed a Pe-2 (1) at 09:43 and Unteroffizier Hubert Strassl of 9./JG 51 claimed a Pe-2 (5) at 09:45. The Soviet gunners made a claim for one Me-109 and one He-113. No Bf 109s were lost. (TsAMO f. 311, o. 0004495, d. 0052, l. 90 Operational Report of the Staff 211 BBAD)

06:05 - 07:40 (MT) making a reconnaissance into the area of Rzhev - Zubtsov was a Pe-2 from the 11 ORAP and the crew reported being attacked by 2 Bf 109 at 07:15 (MT). Unteroffizier GŁnther Schack from 7./JG 51 claimed a Pe-2 (8) at 06:10 at an altitude of 1500 m at 12 km northeast of Zubtsov. Excerpt from Schack’s diary listed in the book “Alarmstart East: The German Fighter Pilot’s Experience on the Eastern Front 1941-1945” by Patrick G. Eriksson, “On 12 August I am able to score my 8th Abschuss. After completing an escort mission, a lone Pe-2 turns up. Before it can save itself in the clouds, large flames come out of the right wing after my burst. She falls into the Volga with a big splash. One man was able to save himself with his parachute.” The Pe-2 returned to its airfield missing one crew member, apparently the gunner. This man does not appear in the Russian OBD, so apparently he returned later. As for the Pe-2 the Soviets classified the damage as due to antiaircraft fire. (TsAMO f. 21966, o. 01985886s, d. 0002, l. 1 page 1 Journal of Combat Operations of the 11 ORAP)

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