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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

9 August 1942

12:30 - 14:10 (MT) 5 Hurricanes of the 157 IAP escorted Pe-2 bombers to bomb the railway station at Osuga. The Hurricane of Serzhant Il’ya Korsunskiy was supposedly hit by German flak in the target area and damaged. On the return at an altitude of 700 - 800 m, they were attacked out of the clouds by 5 Bf 109. Korsunkiy was missing on the other Hurricanes making a landing. (TsAMO f. 22362, o. 0429910s, d. 0001, l. 2 Journal of Combat Operations of the 157 IAP) Oberfeldwebel Heinz Klöpper of 11./JG 51 claimed a Hurricane (57) at 12:10 at 15 km SouthSouthWest of Zubtsov and another Hurricane (58) at 12:12 at 15 km South of Zubtsov. The Soviet 3 VA did report the loss of two Hurricanes this day but the other was during a morning mission.
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