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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

19 August 1942
19:35 (MT) above Aleshino 3 Pe-2 from 793 BBAP were attacked by 9 Bf 109, after the first attack the Pe-2 of the leader Starshiy Leytenant Kolesnikov was set on fire, the aircraft with a sharp turn went to the ground, on a course to the east. One from the crew escaped on parachute (this was Kolesnikov) on Soviet territory. The rest of the crew died in the crashing bomber. The wingman Leytenant Dmitriy Avdokhin was attacked simultaneously with Kolesnikov but kept on course to the east with the German fighters pursuing up to Staritsa. The fate of Avdokhin’s Pe-2 was not observed by the surviving Pe-2. From the German side, Unteroffizier Hubert Strassl of 9./JG 51 claimed a Pe-2 (7) at 18:35, Pe-2 (8) at 18:37, Pe-2 (9) at 18:40 and a Pe-2 (10) at 18:41. (TsAMO f. 311, o. 0004495, d. 0052, l. 97 Operational Report of the Staff 211 BBAD)
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