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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

I am starting work on the final day that I will do on this thread.

3 August 1942

Between 05:46 - 07:07 (MT) 9 Pe-2 from 134 BAP bombed at an altitude of 2000 m the concentration of German forces and artillery in the village of Dobraya and the forest, that was 400 m to the southeast of Dobraya. In the target area, according to Soviet aviators attacked 7 Bf 109. The Pe-2 flown by Starshiy Politruk Bykov caught fire, after being damaged by fire of a Bf 109. The Pe-2 came down on its fuselage in the area of Staritsa. From the German side, Oberfeldwebel Georg Seidel of 9./JG 51 claimed a Pe-2 (29) at 06:00. The Soviet fighter escort was engaged in battle during this time. (TsAMO f. 311, o. 0004495, d. 0070, l. 4 Journal of Combat Operations of the 3 VA and TsAMO f. 311, o. 4495, d. 8, l. 251 Operational Report of the Staff 285 BAD)
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