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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

On this day I will be including the Soviet fighter pilots claims, which are far more then the losses listed by the Germans but attempting to link the actual Soviet pilot or pilots to them. Some Soviet reports have no times listed and the Germans having no times listed with their losses doesn’t help. Will start with a continuances from post # 27 concerning the Soviet fighter escort.

3 August 1942

Flying as fighter escort were 4 LaGG-3 from 21 IAP having taken off at 06:20 (MT) to join with their charges. During the mission they were involved in a dogfight with Bf 109 (apparently 9./JG 51) but suffered no losses and made no claims. They finished their mission at 07:20 (MT). (TsAMO f. 22020, o. 0445247, d. 0006, l. 1 Journal of Combat Operations 21 IAP)
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