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Re: List of DB 605A engine construction numbers?

On a side note: are we only discussing DB605 production during the war?
The DB605B was also produced under license here in Sweden just after the war: IIRC production at Bolinder-Munktell and Svenska Flygmotor AB started during the autumn of 1945 and continued until 1948 (this was for the pusher-fighter J21 and the bombers B18B & T18B).
Total production was 800 engines, with serial numbers 2001-2800.

In addition to this we bought a number of German-produced DB605B engines, before production of the improved/corrected variant began here in Sweden.

EDIT (after checking my references):
The initial procurement of German-manufactured engines was made in April, 1943, and consisted of 71 DB605B engines along with VDM propellers and accessories.
The Swedish production (800 units) of the DB605B was split between Bolinder-Munktell (>100 engines) in Eskilstuna, and Svenska Flygmotor AB (<700 engines) in Trollhättan.

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