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Re: List of DB 605A engine construction numbers?

Yes 219, I found similar numbers and production details in an online article. I also have the details about the Swedish production standard engines. These are very close in almost every detail to the mid 1943 production DB605B-1. The similarity is so close that I presume the production tooling and the casting moulds were initially supplied by DB. The engine details such as the fuel pumps and magneto etc, seem to be the original German parts, although it is possible that these were also produced. Although the installation of the 605 in Swedish aircraft was specific to the Swedish aircraft, the engine remained, very much, the 1943 DB605, with very minor differences. For instance, there is no provision for the (mid 1944 onwards) MW50 system, the supercharger is the standard 605A/B and, there is no Olschlueder. The later 1944 DB605D differences do not seem to make any appearance in the construction of the post war production engines. In fact, the Swedes are recorded as being very interested in the DB605D engine of a late BF109G/K that flew to Sweden at the end of the war. Members might be interested in one technical difference that is fully detailed in the Swedish 605 manual. The specification for B4 type fuel, 1.42ata/2800U/min/1475PS power is standard. However, if operated on Allied Avgas 100/130, the Boost pressure regulator could be adjusted to give 1.65ata/2800U/min/1700PS. There were no other changes to achieve this power rating. Cheers

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