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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

2 August 1942
211 BAD had two bombing raids performed by the 128 BAP
12:46 - 13:36 (MT) 3 Pe-2 bombed targets in the area of Rzhev. At 13:10 (MT) [12:10 Berlin] they were attacked by 4 Bf 109.
12:53 - 13:45 (MT) 3 Pe-2 bombed targets in the area of Timofeevo. At 12:15 (MT) they were attacked by 2 Bf 109
There were no reported losses for these raids.
Journal of Combat Operations 3 VA TsAMO f. 311, o. 0004495, d. 0070 l. 4 page 36

The 2nd was strictly a battle of Bf 109s of JG 51 with the Soviet 1 VA and 3 VA. Which gruppe made these attacks is not known as no claims were made during these times.

Kirche is away from home doing work some where else but hopefully he will be able to add more on his return. So I will continue to keep this going with more information until that time.
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