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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

2 August 1942
The 211 BAD had a bombing raid conducted in the area of Rzhev - Dobraya at an altitude of 1500 m that ended at 16:30 (MT) by possibly a formation of 9 Pe-2 from 527 BAP. They were intercepted by Bf 109s from JG 51. Mladshiy Leytenant Rychahov claimed shot down one Me-109 at Kostritsy (18 km south of Oloyino). The formation as g group claimed shot down two Me-109, one fell in the forest 1 km west of Rzhev and the 2nd at Dobraya. The Soviet formation did suffer losses: Pe-2 of AE commander Kapitan Pavel Smirnov (MIA). Pe-2 of Mladshiy Leytenant Georgiy Belenikin (MIA) and the Pe-2 of Mladshiy Leytenant Kalcheev made an emergency landing 30 km southwest of Torzhok. (TsAMO f. 311, o. 0004495, d. 0052, l. 80 Operational Report of the Staff 211 BAD)

From the German side this attack seems to be the result of IV/JG 51.
Leutnant Ernst Weismann 12/JG 51 Pe-2 (52) 14:54 PlQu. 47583
Leutnant Wolfgang BŲwing - Treuding Stab IV/JG 51 Pe-2 (21) 14:58 PlQu. 47564

Unfortunately, the claims made by the Soviets can not be confirmed, not because of lack of German losses in air battles this day but for lack of times and circumstances listed in J. Prienís JFV 9/II. It would be helpful if anyone has these two concerning JG 51 losses, maybe you can add them to the thread.
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