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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

I will once again put off 2 August 1942 and skip to another date.

15 August 1942
06:30 (MT) 2 LaGG-3 from 193 IAP were patrolling at an altitude of 1000 m to the northeast of Rzhev. They observed 30 Ju 88 approaching for a bombing raid. They singled out 7 Ju 88 and made 10 attacks with a distance of 300 - 400 m. From this group 3 Ju 88 left in damage condition smoking.

06:55 (MT) while patrolling at an altitude of 1000 m in the area to the northeast of Rzhev were 3 LaGG-3 from 193 IAP led by Starshiy Leytenant Shemendyuk. They were engaged by 6 Bf 109 in an air battle for 15 minutes before the Germans departed. The LaGG-3 piloted by Leont’ev was damaged but still made it back to their airfield. (Operational Report of the Staff 209 IAD TsAMO f. 311, o. 0004495, d. 0050, l. 106)

Unteroffizier Karl Klopp 6./JG 54 claimed a Yak-1 (2) at 05:58 at an altitude of 20 m at PlQu. 47534.
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