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Re: Hits to down a bomber

According to Alfred Price's 'The Last Year of the Luftwaffe', referring to the 30 mm cannon fitted to the Sturmbocks, 'on average three hits were sufficient to bring down a heavy bomber' (page 36). That's a secondary source, but it is consistent with three 30mm rounds being able to bring down a heavy.

Going from my memory (dangerous!) I recall a discussion of around twenty 20mm rounds being required to bring down a heavy in Hooton's 'Eagle in Flames: The Fall of the Luftwaffe', based on analysis of gun camera films. I don't have this book to hand, but perhaps other forum members could confirm (or deny) whether my memory is correct.

There might be one other issue to consider. It might be that the twenty 20mm and three 30mm numbers refer to strikes on B17s. Didn't the 15AF operate many B24s? I understand they were considered more vulnerable than the B17. Numbers applicable to the B17 might be overestimates for the B24.


Don W.
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