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Re: Air War Above Rzhev - Zubtsov

10.12.1942 Hptm. Horst Riemann (Stab I./JG 51) - KiA - nordl. Ssytschewka: Jägerbeschuß, 100% - FW 190 A-3 WNr.2267 (Winkel +)

From the 203 IAD reports on combat operations for December 1942:
«10.12.1942 4 Yak-1 of 20 IAP during the cover of troops on the battlefield met 2 FW-190, who were chasing one of our fighters. Our group went to the rescue and engaged the enemy planes. One of the planes on the turn was attacked by major Kukin, after a long queue of guns and machine guns, the enemy plane caught fire and exploded in the air.»
«On the same day (10.12.1942) at 16.00 4 Yak-1 under the command of major Kukin covered the same area (above the text of the area of Khlepen), where they met two FW-190. Major Kukin suddenly got up from behind-from below to the wingman of them at a distance of 150 meters. At this time, one of the enemy aircraft noticed him and tried to turn around and leave. Major Kukin chased him and attacked from a distance of 200 m. The enemy plane with an abnormally working engine went to the West. Pursuit was impossible due to the attack of the second FW-190.
At the same time, at an altitude of 2500 meters, our group noticed two more FW-190s that attacked one of our aircraft. Our group hastened to his rescue. One of the enemy planes noticed this and began to go into a turn. Major Kukin coming from bottom side into the inner side of its bend long turn fired the enemy aircraft. The FW-190 caught fire and exploded in midair.»

Khlepen’ (Хлепень, Chlepen)

майор Кукин Иван Андреевич (major Kukin Ivan Andreevich, commander 20 IAP 203 IAD) (20.03.1910 — 1950-60th (?))
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