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Re: eBAy: Captured german planes

Hallo Pierre!

Regarding your inquiry about the He 177 WNr. 5277 in the two photos on p. 364, No. 3640, I can add a couple of tidbits.

The airplane's complete Werknummer was [1]5 277. It was a Heinkel He 177A-1, the first subtype produced in any numbers.

The Hersteller (manufacturer) was Arado Brandenburg (ARB), and the kite was built sometime in the first half of 1943.

Regrettably, Pierre, I have no information about the first part of the unit code ending in + M W, nor do I know where the two photographs in No. 3640 may have been taken.

Let us hope that other readers can contribute further details.

Meanwhile, stay well, mon ami.
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