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Re: correct location of crash of 3./JG301 Bf109 G-6 WNr 163509 on 7-8 July 1944?

Thanks Franck and Laurent for your suggestions, these may fit. One of the problems with the German claim/loss is that no actual American bomber loss has been found that could be tied to the claim, I have the following entry in the NCA series manuscript:

Uffz. Paul Werner: 1 3./JG301 B-26 SE Dieppe: 3.000 m. 02.28 unidentified. Note: achieved in co-operation with Flak searchlight, victory confirmed on 28.12.1944

I have a German first-hand account that describes how Uffz. Werner shot down a searchlight-coned B-26, but in turn was shot down by the upper gunner of the Marauder when he was himself illuminated by the searchlight that coned the B-26 .. No Marauder loss occurred in the area SE of Dieppe on this night.

Cheers, Theo
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