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Re: The lost Spitfires: Searching for the aircraft wrecks of the WW2 legends

Have revisited the link that gives squadron details for 4/4/45.
Nikolopoulos flew first op in JK264 and then flew ER194 the fatal flight.

Next is given as 5/4/45 a/c EN244 but this a/c had a fatal crash when its belly tank caught fire, the date was 9/4/45 not the 5/4/45.

Next was JF426 which force landed on the 6/4/45.

On the 24/5/45 a/c EN425 ditched off Rhodes, this was a PR..XI.

15/6/45 F/Lt. Panagiotis Argyropoulos was killed.

On the 9/7/45 a/c MA344 force landed at Varkiza.

On 2/8/45 F/Sgt. Vasilias Alexandrakis is was killed.

On the 7/8/45W/O. Panagiotis Kostaras was flying BR375/B

Hope this is of some help.

27/2/45 MA507 "Uruguay XII" was in a collision said to be with NH397.
The collision was NOT with NH397 as this a/c exploded on impact on 1/8/44.
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