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Re: The Liberal View of the German Soldier

Originally Posted by mkenny View Post
So the total of all soldiers/tanks in the is the key indicator?
Can we have the figures for 6 June 1944 and an explaination as to why the overwhelming German superiority was not decisive?
It seems that number manipulation is not confined to your 'opponents'.
It is just another 'we wuz outnumbered' excuse from one of the faithful.

Oh sorry. I had started to take you seriously, my mistake. Goodbye.
Mr. MKenny:

Since you don't take me seriously, perhaps you won't even read this, but for other more interested serious persons here is the information re: 6 June in Normandy:

Allies: Six divisions plus the three airborne divisions; 156,000 men were landed. I don't have statistics re: the number of tanks on the Allied side.

Germans: 352 Infantry Division (12,734 men)
716 Security Division (Infantry) (7,771)
711 SD (7,242)
709 SD (12,320)
Reserve: 21 PD (16,297)
12 SS PD (20,516)
Total German: 76,880 men plus corps and HQ. The security divisions were static and did not have the firepower of regular infantry divisions.

The two reserve armored divisions were released late and only the 21 PD engaged in combat with part of the division. So where is this German superiority in numbers on D-Day?

BTW, I don't take anyone seriously who does not do his own research.

To Franek G:
I don't know why you enter discussions to which you have nothing to contribute.
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