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Post Dates of withdrawal of Zerstörer Gruppen from Eastern Front in 1942 1943


I have been compiling a summary of ZG movements, in order to determine when various Zerstörer units were withdrawn from the Eastern front and when they became operational elsewhere. The information that I have seen is vague and somewhat contradictory, so may I ask for comments from the experts?

The data that I have at the moment is summarised below:

I./ZG 26 – Withdrawn from the Eastern Front in October 1941, disbanded in Germany in April 1942.
II./ZG 26 – same as I./ZG 26

III./ZG 1 – Withdrawn in June (or possibly July?) 1942, operational in North Africa from November (or October?) 1942
I./ZG 2 – Withdrawn in June (or possibly August?) 1942, disbanded in August 1942
II./ZG 2 – Withdrawn in July 1942, operational in Germany from November (or October?) 1942 as I./NJG 5
III./ZG 2 – Withdrawn in July 1942, operational in Tunisia from November (or December?) 1942
II./ZG 1 – Withdrawn in March 1943, operational in Italy from April 1943
I./ZG 1 – Withdrawn in May (or April?) 1943, operational in Germany from June 1943


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