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Re: Dates of withdrawal of Zerstörer Gruppen from Eastern Front in 1942 1943

Originally Posted by Evgeny Velichko View Post
I./NJG4 used same VbKz (3U+_B, H, K, L) as I./ZG1, and fought hard during battle of Moskow along with II./ZG26 (minus 5./ZG26) from december 1941 to april 1942, based at Gugino a/f.
Thank you for your contribution too, Evgeny! Another point of embarrassment for me – I did not know I./NJG 4 existed at this time, let alone that it was operational. I have now consulted another source and have seen that the last loss of I./NJG 4 in the East was reported in early April 1942. Was I./NJG 4 then disbanded and re-formed in September 1942? Since you have mentioned this unit, do you know whether it had any significant intruder successes against Soviet long-range bombers during this period? I have read Soviet sources which mentioned night fighter attacks on bomber airfields at this time, now I know that there may have been something substantive behind this.

Partly based on your comment above, I assume that 5./ZG26 left the Eastern Front together with I./ZG 26 in October 1941.

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