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Ken Charney - An anecdote on the Orkney Islands

In Clostermann's book mentioned in the preceding thread on Ken Charney (starting on 31st May) there is an anecdote which some of you might find amusing. I hope humour and fun are allowed.

602 Squadron including Charney, Clostermann and Jacques Remlinger were transferred to the Orkney Islands with the main task of protecting Scapa Flow and the Home Fleet there against German reconnaissance AC and possibly air attacks (?).

They collected all eggs they could get from the farms in the area (using a "Tiger Moth" to get there). Quotation from "Le grand cirque 2000", bottom of page 163:

"After two weeks with eggs for breakast, lunch and dinner everybody finds eggs nauseating. Ken even claims that feathers are beginning to grow on his back."

A side note: the name Ken Charney doesn't really sound Argentinian or Spanish but very British. His parents most probably had emigrated to Argentina like numerous other Britons. Does someone know more on this?
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