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March 6, 1944 Luftwaffe info and photos needed

Hi Gentlemen,
I have just completed a book on the March 6, 1944 Mission to Berlin and it focuses on the 100th BG. This is the order of attack but would be nice to get more information on what Luftwaffe Pilots were involved and what kills they may have had on what crews.

Stab and I/JG 11 led by Hauptmann. Hermichen 4 Me 109s and 13 FW 190s
III/JG 54 led by Hauptmann. Rudolf Sinner 20 Me 109s
III/JG 11 led by Hauptmann. Anton Hackl 18 FW 190s
II/JG 11 led by Maj. Guenther Specht 15 Me 109s
I/JG 1 led by Major Karl Schnoor 16 FW 190s
II/JG 1 led by Major Heinz Bar 21 FW 190s

The book will come out through Schiffer Publishing next Spring and it would be appreciated if your readers and forum members could provide me with more information and photos that you can provide without infringing upon someone's copywright. This includes photos from the above JG's and pilots. Credit will be given to those that can help. I would like this to be as through as can be at a time when we have lost most fighter pilots and bomber Crews.

This is the most extensive book every written on events surrounding the 100th BG that day (the previous being Target Berlin by Jeff Ethell and Alfred Price). It is important to have the German Leftwaffe perspective as it relates to the 100th BG. Please send all photos and information to Thank you in advance.

Michael P. Faley
100th Bomb Group Historian
100th Bomb Group Photo Archives
13th Combat Wing Historian
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