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Re: Where to find citation for DFM?

Ruffell-Hazel, Richard James 359517 Sergeant, No 115 Sqdn

London Gazette 31.05.1940
Air Observer Air 2/9412
Sergeant Ruffel-Hazel acted as Navigator to his Flight Commander, Squadrn Leader du Boulay, on all the long distance bombingh attacks made by the Flight Commande between 9th and 13th April, 1940. In these flights, by day and by night, his skill both as a Navigator and bomb Aimer and the unruffled manner in which he carried out his duties in the face of enemy opposition were largely responsible for the success achieved. Throughout the operations during the period 4th to 13th April, 1940, he set a fine example of tenacity and devotion to duty.

Remarks by AOC
This NCO displayed gallantry and devotion to duty of the highest oder during a period of intensive operations under difficult conditions. His skill, courage and general attitude towards the Work which had to be done, steadfastly maintained day by day and night by night, provoed a very valube example to the remainder of the flying crews. Very strongly recommended.
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