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Re: New Me-262 book

After looking through this book, I would judge it as a average. The Me-262 victory list has some omissions and mistakes. The Me-262 loss list is useful,

IMHO, the best part of the book is the interviews with Luftwaffe veterans. They make the book worthwhile and worth waht I paid for it on Amazon.

On the other hand, the book has significant flaws. For excample,the combat described on March 24,1945 is full of errors.One citation : "Capt Armour G. Macdaniel ,301 FS suffered engine trouble,bailed out becoming a POW" Wrong. He had his wing blown off by a Me-262.

The MACR is most descriptive:"After we made rendezvous with the bombers and were about 5 minutes from the target site , I called in two (2) enemy aircraft to the flight leader (Captain Armour G. McDaniel, O796266) coming in at nine o'clock low. About five seconds later I noticed Captain McDaniel's right wing fall off (!) and his plane went into a spin. "

Sign of sloppy research...
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