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Re: New Me-262 book

Jukka has stated that his preference for reporting interviews is a straight Q&A format. In the July 2012 issue of the Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine, Stephan Wilkinson has reviewed the companion book The German Aces Speak. In his review, Wilkinson has, perhaps more eloquently than myself, described the interview reporting style of the authors Heaton and Lewis:

"The four German pilots who speak from their graves through this book--Galland, Walter Krupinski, Eduard Neumann, and Wolfgang Falck--are voices unheard in their homeland. Through the beautifully edited text of co-authors Heaton and Lewis, they speak honorably. What must have been a series of extensive interviews with each man has been rendered in seamless conversational language, and what might have been numbing recitations of dogfights are instead vivid descriptions of life as a warrior during World War II."

I should comment that "vivid" does not mean over the top colorful language such as used in the movie Red Tails, nor that found in pulp histories, which is worthless.

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