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Seeking photos of two Do17s that crashed in France on 23.11.39


For the Phoney War/Sitzkrieg/Drole de Guerre part of the EoE Project, we think that we've acquired photos of all five of the Bf109s that came down on French soil on 22.11.39, and four of the six Do17s that came down in France on 11.23.39. We also have photos of the single He111 that was SD & crashed in Belgium on that day. This gives us photos of the crashes of 10 of 12 LW a/c that crashed on French or Belgium territory those two days.

In order to complete our photo coverage of LW losses in France (and Belgium) those two days, I'm still seeking photos for these two crashes.

"23 November 1939: Stabsstaffel KG2 Dornier Do17Z-2. Shot down by F/O J.E. Scoular and Sgt J. Winn of No.73 Squadron and crashed and burned out at Hagéville, north-east of Haumont-lès-Lachaussée, 2.00 p.m. (BO) Oberlt Alfred Winter, Uffz Edmund Puhl, Uffz Paul Meyer, and Uffz Hans Czekay all killed. Aircraft 100% write-off." (No Photos known to me)

"23 November 1939: 3.(F)/22 Dornier Do17P-1. Believed that damaged in attack by Capt J-M. Accart of GC I/5 during high-level photo-reconnaissance mission between Verdun and Metz but managed to disengage. Then came under further attack from S/L P.J.H. Halahan and F/O M.H. Brown of No.1 Squadron and finally crashed and burned out on the railway line between Audun-le-Roman and Trieux at Sancy-le-Haut, France, at 1.10 p.m. Also attacked by Sergeant C.N.S. Campbell of No.73 Squadron. FF Fw Franz Hallauer, BO Fw Siegfried Dreßler, and BF Gefr Wolfgang Schulz all killed. Aircraft 4N+HL" (No Photos known to me)

Does anyone have or is anyone aware of photos existing for these two crashes?
Larry Hickey
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