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Re: Update:107 Plane crash in WWII, 30 km around of Heidelberg Area Part 1

Originally Posted by Die Pumpe View Post
Dear Klaus,

im 27 years old and from Germany, specially from Schlierbach/Odenwald.
Iam research the crash from Nr.28 B-17, Pilot: Etward A. Floretti, crash: 13 April 1944 by Schlierbach/ Fürth Odenwald 384BG545BS, cause it happened at my hometown. My Grandmom was at this time a child and could remember that day. At the crash side today there have many houses build. So its hard to search the ground for any remains of the plane.
Also im interrested in following:

Nr.26 B-17, Pilot: Clarence G. Stearns, crash: 13 April 1944 by Gumpen/ Fürth Odenwald 384BG547BS

Nr.40 Me110, Pilot: Peter Fischa, Absturz: 12/13 August 1944 bei Heppenheim 2./NJG 6

Nr.42 Me110, Pilot: Ff Oblt. Rudolf Richter , crash: 25 December 1943 by Gadernheim/ Fürth ZG76

Nr.46 Me109, Pilot:Ernst Krieg, Absturz: 25/26 November 1943 bei Kreidach/ Odenwald 8./NJG 301

Nr.72 Fw190, Pilot: unbekannt, crash: 1945 by the Modautal Fränkisch Krumbach unknow

Nr.73 Fw200, Pilot: Karl- Richard Friebel, crash: 05 May 1945 by Böllstein/ Fürth G6+AY

Nr.80 Halifax, Pilot: I.F. Macwatt, crash: 10/11 August 1943 by Fürth/ Odenwald NP-UJD 249158 SQ

Nr.81 Halifax, Pilot: J.C. Wade- Seymour, crash: 18/19 November 1943 by Zotzenbach MP-H ?LK 95776 SQ

Maybe you could help me, to start my own research. Soon iam interviewing some old people of Gadernheim. Where do you have the information that it was Rudolf Richter that crashes there? Could you tell me some sources or something you know what help me?Also for the other crashes! Iam happy for any tipps.

With best regards...

P.S If you have any questions to me, feel free to tell me. Toghether we could propably light up the dark...

My uncle was also with the ZG 76 ( II ZG 6/76) bei Wertheim. He was shot down Oct '43 over Meckenheim bei Bonn. I traveled to Meckenheim in 1993 and tried to visit with many witnesses to the air battle, but many refused to speak about it as it still brought back many memories. I say this only to let you know that your quest for information may be a bit difficult. The Oberburgermeister was able to get some of these witnesses to write some information for me about the air battle, where the plane crashed and where the Leichen were found. Hoffentlich geht es Ihnen viel besser!! Michael Opitz Hopkins, Minnesota USA
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