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Re: Book "reviews" on Amazon U.S.

Originally Posted by edwest2 View Post

One thing Amazon did was to delete replies to reviews. I had posted a book review that got a reply from one of the authors. Later, that reply disappeared. Today, text and video is stored "in the cloud." As I understand it, these are server farms that rent out storage space to large companies. I think Amazon just decided to cut costs.

Yes, reviews range from useless, and filled with speculative comments, to somewhat useful. Aside from the book description, I sometimes look for more information elsewhere. As it stands, living in the "future" has become a lot like the past. I see the description, buy the book, the end.


Ed, I used to enjoy the responses to reviews in Amazon; sometimes I found them very helpful==or at least entertaining. The 'disappearance' of the reply feature really annoyed me.
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