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Re: Aero-engines 1940

Originally Posted by rof120 View Post
In Sweden it's a bit different (only 6-7 million inhabitants when the row of remarkable SAAB jet fighters started with Draken and also SK 105 IIRC), now about 9-10 million inhabitants after strong immigration (still not a great power) but this country, too, has designed a whole series of world-class combat aircraft: Draken, Lansen, Viggen, now Gripen in various versions up to E I think (exported to several countries in the world).

Even Sweden, which possesses great ability in the design of top-class jet fighters and has a top-modern industry, has to use jet engines from abroad, which were/are modified in Sweden for specific Swedish needs (Volvo Flygmotor AG - Volvo Aero-Engines Corp.). Probably the main reason for this is the cost.
SAAB was very quick on the draw and managed to aquire drawings and technical details via Austria already in 1945-46. The first jet fighter built in Sweden was SAAB 21R/RA which was a rather crude conversion of the J 21A.
What made headlines was the next model on line, the J/A 29 'Flygande Tunnan' (Flying Barrel) which was roughly equivalant of the Sabre, MiG-15 and the Mystère. Both the A/J 32 Lansen and J 35 Draken came later.

What is less known is that the company STAL was very much ahead with the advanced Dovern jet engine which was intended for both the Lansen and Draken. However cost increases, technical problems etc made delays inevitable and a very agressive Rolls Royce campaign resulted in the Avon being chosen instead. There are some "insiders" who claim a substantial palm greasing took place as well....

Basically all jet engines have been built since then under licence by Flygmotor (later Volvo-Flygmotor) and where afterburners have been needed they were designed locally in Sweden. Even the Americans are said to have learned a bit "how to do it"!

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