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Re: Hurricanes in USSR

14 October 1941 78 IAP (commanded by B.F.Safonov) was formed to receive the 36 serviceable 151 Wing Hurricanes. In March 1942 the Hurricanes with pilots were transferred from 78 IAP to Safonov's old regiment (which meanwhile, 18 January 1942 had been elevated to Guards status as 2 GSAP). 2 GSAP, now commanded by Safonov received gradually more Hurricanes and P-40s (both Tomahawk and Kittyhawk) from arriving convoys.

There were no transfer of pilots from 78. IAP NF to 2 GSAP. The transfer was only of the unit's names. It was done because the 72. SAP NF had achived good results (or very) and the pilots, which did it were mostly in 4./72. SAP (VI-X 41). Exactly on the best pilot of 72. SAP Safonov had created "own" 78. IAP and fought futher. The Guards title came rather late (in 1942), where there were already not this good pilot in 72. SAp but they were just then in 78. IAP. Strange situation and not any standard decision.
So Soviet VVS comand had decided to exchange the unit's names to give right reward for the brave pilot of old 72. SAP. So not pilot but it was only, pure administrative units exchange.

One spectacular incident took place deep in the Soviet rear, when four Hurricanes of 1./933 IAP (of 144 IAD);

It was PVO's unit not front line regiment, so 1./933 IAP PVO of 144. IAD PVO. In this time period there were not in the 1-st VVS line Hurricanes regiments. There were such in PVO's units.

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Are you sure that force landed Z2585 was form 152. IAP not from 760 IAP? I thought that was 760. IAP (?). May you know the pilot's fate (returned to the unit?)?

Mirek Wawrzyński
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