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Re: Need help finding some serials and codes - post war accidents in/off Norway

Originally Posted by twocee View Post
A couple of points:

2) The VP16 Neptune badly damaged on 26 January 1957 was P2V-5F 131490.

3) I think that the mid-air collision on 24 September 1957 was between two Grumman Trackers from VS36, off Essex, not two F4Ds. The aircraft were S2F-1, 133315 and S2F-2, 133332.
Thanks a lot for the Neptune! That serial has been a mystery for quite some time. 131490 has obviously gone under the radar, couldn't find it on

Yes, there were two trackers lost on the 24th of September as well, as you pointed out. All in all on that day 1 Wyvern, 2 Trackers and 3 Skyrays were lost. The next day a Sea Hawk and a Gannet went down. Not a good count for the exercise Strikeback.

Again, thanks for the input,

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