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Re: Need help finding some serials and codes - post war accidents in/off Norway

Many thanks, Leendert.
I had these, but you brought in some new information about them. I love adding pieces to the puzzle, one by one. I had the Dutch one as 315 Sqn.
Thunderstreaks did not fare well in Norway, it seems. Please let me know if you have anything to add!

26.06.1957 F-84F-45 Thunderstreak 52-6799 78FBS/ 81st FBW USAF Sola W/O Crashed near Sola AB, Norway
12.06.1963 F-84F-56-RE Thunderstreak 53-6690 FU-112? BAF Andøya Crashed into the North Sea off Andøya/Andalsnes … Pilot killed
03.06.1964 F-84F-56-RE Thunderstreak 52-7012 7012 FU-61 BAF Rygge W/O collision with trees
05.06.1964 F-84F-56-RE Thunderstreak 52-7195 FU-34(?) BAF Andøya Crashed near Andoya
15.06.1968 F-84F-56-RE Thunderstreak 52-7125 3R-E or FU-7 BAF Ørlandet Crashed while landing at Orland AB. Flown by C-119 to Florenne for Salvage.
20.02.1969 F-84F-56-RE Thunderstreak 53-6554 Z6-A BAF Ørlandet Crashed at Florennes or at Ørland?
06.04.1970 F-84F-71-RE Thunderstreak 53-6931 P-198 312 sqn RNethAF Valavik/Hardanger Tweede Leutnant F. de Kort (2LT/Fen.) Collision with power lines. Pilot ejected. Suffered a broken arm and leg. See newspaper Late type seat (US) and drag chute installed.
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