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Looking for POW photographs

There are 51 prisoners (49 R.A.F., 2 Army) that are named in my father's POW "Wartime Log." The log book can be seen here.

I am attempting to find wartime photographs of each of these individuals, my efforts so far can be seen here,

I am hopeful that through this forum I can learn more and obtain photographs of the prisoners listed below who were at either Stalag Luft VI, Stalag 357 of Stalag Luft III.

Regards, David Layne.

Charlton, J. Allen R.A.F. 9 Dick Road, Kilmarnock. 159 Squadron Liberator AL534. Took off from St Jean, Palestine 23 July 1942 to attack harbor & shipping at Benghazi, Libya. Two killed, 5 POWs. Among the captured was the pilot, F/O R.A. Malcolm. The remains of R/100329 F/Sgt James Sherman Peterson RCAF are buried in Benghazi War Cemetery, Libya, while 751642 F/Sgt John Henry Hogg was never found.
Collins, Laurie W. R.A.F. “Sackville House.” 4 Littlefields Lane, Grimsby, Lincs. A/G 57 Squadron Wellington R1369 operation to Kiel shot down and crashed in the sea near the Frisians July 25th 1941 (page 23) Shot down by Helmut Lent this was Lent’s 19th victory out of a total of 111 confirmed kills.

Griffith, Peter Hamer. Woodholme, Bishopswood Road, Prestatyn, Wales. Rifleman 6896171. Captured Crete 1st June 1941. Member of 1st. Battalion “The Rangers” Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

Gurnell, Peter. R.A.F. Sturton, Brigg. Sgt. A/G 207 Squadron Manchester L7303 shot down by an ME 110 piloted by Gerhard Herzog 27/28 March 1941 on operations to Dusseldorf.

Hanrahan, Charles James. R.A.F. 5 Norbreck Close, Cinder Hill, Notts. Sgt. F/E 97 Squadron Lancaster ED816 shot down by Oblt Werner Husemann from Stab NJG1 his 4th victory.12/13 June 1943 on an operation to Bochum.
Hobsbawn, Geoffrey Ronald David Berkwood. R.A.F. Santiago, Chile. Sgt. 102 Squadron Halifax W7652 shot down by flak 16 June 1942 on an operation to Essen. (page 81)
Howes, Johnny R.A.F. Peacehaven, Sussex. Sgt. 57 Squadron Wellington Z8985 lost 7/8 November 1941 on a “Rover Patrol” in the Munster area.

Hyden, Philip. R.A.F. F/O 78 Squadron Halifax DT775 lost on an operation to Frankfurt, shot down by ME110 night fighter piloted by Feldwebel Karl Gross of 8/NJG4, 10/11 April 1943. This was Gross’s only shoot down

Jackson, Reginald J. R.A.F. 20 Maytree Crescent, Watford, Herts. Sgt. F/E 156 Squadron Lancaster W4943 on operations to Essen 27/28 May 1943. Shot down by Maj Werner Streib. Streib’s 49th shootdown from a total of 64.

Littlewood, Leonard J. R.A.F. 43 Rothschild St., West Norwood, London. SE 27 Sgt. 487 Squadron Ventura AE731 EG-O shot down by Hauptman Wickop and crashed near Haarlem when participating in “Ramrod 16” attacking a power station near Amsterdam 3 May 1943. This was a disastrous raid, of the 12 aircraft dispatched all were lost with the exception of one aircraft that returned soon after take off due to mechanical difficulties.

McDonald, Ian Alexander R.A.F. 24 Brookland Rise, London, NW.11 Sgt. A/G 50 Squadron Hampden AE 318 shot down 7/8 September 1941 on operations to Kiel. Ian McDonald was posted to 50 Squadron from 14 OTU (Operational Training Unit) on 17th August 1941. He flew three operations, 25th August 1941 to Mannheim, 2nd September to Berlin and the one he was shot down on, 7th September to Kiel. His aircraft was Hampden AE318 and was crewed by Sergeants D. Good (Pilot) D.F. Endsor (Bomb Aimer) R. Williamson (Wireless Operator) I.A. McDonald (Rear Gunner) the aircraft crashed near Oldenburg, Holstein. All of the crew became P.O.W.’s

Meyrick, David. R.A.F. 38 Coronation Rd. Gilfach Goch, Glamorgan. AC1 150 Squadron Battle L5540, shot down attacking enemy columns in Luxembourg and crash landed in the target area near Bonnevoie, 10 May 1940.

Prentice, Donald F. S.A.A.F. 124 Caledon St. Uiterhage, Cape Province. S.A. Lt. Pilot of 112 Squadron Mustang III HB 908 GA W. Shot down by flak 30 October 1944 aircraft crashed in Gulf Of Venice near San Vito.
Pryde, James. 49 Dean Street, Newtongrange R.A.F. Sgt. 9 Squadron Wellington W5729. Lost on operations to Cologne 10/11 July 1941, He was captured somewhere between Calais and St Omer on 11th July 1941.
Reade, Frank S. R.A.F. 45 Mansfield Rd. Guilford, Surrey. F/O 199 Squadron Wellington HF488 shot down by night fighter piloted by Oblt Echkhardt-Wilhelm Von Bonin from 6./NJG1 on operations to Dusseldorf, 25 May 1943.
Ringham, Frederick Leonard. 123 Barden Rd. Tonbridge, Kent. 131829 Sgt. W/O 102 Squadron Halifax W7652 lost 16 June 1942 on operations to Essen

Sadezky, Lawrence William. Aldenham, Elstree, Herts. Sgt. A/G 83 Squadron Hampden AE319. Shot down 6 September 1941 mine laying Oslo harbour. (page 25) Emigrated to Australia and was killed in a road accident August 16th 1951.
Seedhouse, John. c/o Morton, Skillington, nr. Grantham. F/S Flight Engineer 106 Squadron Lancaster W4842 crashed Leiden Holland with all crew becoming P.O.W.’s. 27/28 May 1943 operations to Essen.
Shore, Eric Hudson Lithgow, 31 The Parade, Barry, Glamorgan. P/O pilot of 501 Squadron Spitfire AA 837. Shot down north of Ste Mčre Eglise France 4th November 1941. (Leader of “Dean and Dawson” the forgery department of Stalag Luft III that made the documents for the “Wooden Horse” escapees for which he received the MBE in 1946.)

Smith, Jack P/O/ 578 Squadron Halifax MZ511. Shot down by night fighter piloted by Major Martin Drewes 20/21 July 1944 on operations to Bottrop.

Researching my father at 50 Squadron, 97 Squadron, Dulug Luft, Stalag Luft VI, Stalag 357 and Stalag Luft III.
Researching my father Walter Henry Layne, 50 Squadron, 97 Squadron, Stalag Luft VI, Stalag 357, Stalag Luft III.
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