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Need help with 92 sqd losses in North Africa;

I am hoping someone among you who has access to the books by John Foreman and/or Norman Franks on fighter command's operations & losses can help me with this quest...Well here goes:
Leo Nomis, a vet of 92 sqdr had a recollection in Hauglands, "The Eagles War" about a patrol flown by 92 sqdr 'around the time' of the lead in to the Battle of El Alemain; the 8 Spit V's was bounced by a pair of very expertly flown Me 109s & lost 3 planes shot down & several others damaged before the '109s broke off the engagement; I dont' suppose anyone can pinpoint the date that this fight occur & the actual losses incurred? I figure 3 Spits lost in a single battle would stand out in the records;
Anyways, I figure if I can get the dates of the losses I can check out the famous LW claim list to see who claimed on the same date, time & place;

Thank you all--ahead of time;

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