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Re: Galland’s victories on June 3, 1940 (Paris area) – A new element

Dear Yves

Not sure why you imply you are Swedish fluent. Has it anything to do with the topic or are you just trying to show off?

Neither do I understand why you call me variously with SJ, ST and JP nor why you sign your message with "Cheers Stig"

You say you have no admiration as such for Galland. Well starting three different messages with basically the same topic, to prove Galland claimed two victories on June 3rd instead of June 9th is perhaps more to be sorted under obsession than admiration, but let us not delve into psychology since it would be to stray outside the topic itself.

The interesting point is that you for some reason seems to have every issue of every major translation made by Galland's books. Just so I am not missing something can you please scan two perhaps even three pages from the 1992 German edition of the T-C book so I can personally satisfy myself it is completely re-written by Galland. Perhaps you also have something in writing which confirm that? Quite frankly I have never come across anyone before who collects every translation made of a book by any individual. Obsession? Sorry, we should leave that out of the picture....

Am I correct in interpreting your answer that only the German edition of "Fighter General" is edited/re-written by Galland and that the 1999 Schiffer edition is simply a re-print of the 1990 original AmPress edition? Since you have mentioned the Schiffer book at least twice in your three messages I must wonder in such a case why you never mentioned the original book from 1990 called "Fighter General"?

This re-writing done by Galland is intriguing. It is quite unusual, I think, since I have never come across that before. That books are edited when translated, yes indeed, but that usually is by footnotes. Changing any text would in fact be a legal issue, so I take it the German publisher do have some kind of legal document saying the two American authors agreed to that? Since you must have seen that, I take it you have some kind of copy (or can produce one), so we all can see that?

Even more interesting to me is that the main topic of your messages (the two claims from June 3rd) was not edited into the 1992 German edition. That could hardly have been any problem for Galland, since after all, all he needed to do was to look in his first book, it is all there!

It is interesting you state you have actually no evidence of any of Galland's victories, but you obviously have a list written (by him ?) in 1985, presumably giving all his claims and not only his first 14? Whatever, can we have a scan of that please? So far I have never seen a claim list made out by the late General himself, so it would be very interesting for everyone here on TOCH to see it.

Finally I have to direct my apologies to all TOCH members for being so wordy, but I am fascinated by the whole situation.
Yves, so far you have not produced a single evidence that Galland was correct. Everything you bring up could easily be dismissed as heresay.
Don't you think it is time you produce something useful, both for me (as a strict amateur) and for all others, some at least who can be called semi-professionals? I am sure they are as interested as I am.