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Bf109A,B,C,D in Legion Condor

I have seen several sources claiming certain 6oXX number ranges are particular variants, and pretty much all of them are conflicting.
As provided by Michael, Laureau in his book Condor: The Luftwaffe in Spain 1936-1939, gives the following serial allocations -
6-1 to 6-3 V; 6-4 to 6-45 B; 6-46 to 6-50 C; 6-51 to 6-86 D; 6-87 to 6-131 E
Sidney, in another thread you stated that up to 6o60 were B's, and from 6o61 were D's. Could you please let me know where this information came from? Can you please provide more detail of what you have?
Does anyone have what they consider to be definitive information on which serial ranges applied to which versions?
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