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Re: Bf109A,B,C,D in Legion Condor

Hello Peter

According to Juan Arraez Cerda in his study on Spanish Messerschmitt (translated into French by Patrick Laureau),here is his conclusion:

Prototypes V3 and V4:6-1 and 6-2
Serie B-1:6-3 to 6-18
Serie B-2:6-19 to 6-58
Serie C-1:6-59 to 6-78
Serie D-1:6-79 to 6-86,plus the 6-95
Serie E-1 and E-3:6-87 to 6-31

E-1 known:6-115,6-116,6-119,6-120,6-121,6-122,6-124,and 6-125

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