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Re: Area position codes on the continent 1944

Originally Posted by rafcommands View Post
Coastal Command used the RN grid for home waters.

Code changed usually every 3 months but at times of great activity it was altered every 2 weeks. So to decode a position you need to know the exact date it was given.

Code format is WWXX YYZZ where WW & XX are alpha, YY & ZZ are numeric

WW is a two letter code giving the Lat degree
XX is a two letter code giving the Long degree
YY is the Lat minute
ZZ is the Long minute

56 30N 002 10W is the decode of

ZGSE 3002 on 4th Sept 1939
HGMB 3002 on 4th Feb 1940
PCLZ 3002 on 4th Sept 1940
NWYQ 3002 on 4th Jan 1944

It was said that the code was generated by drawing letters out of a hat and the random nature supports this.

Thanks for your post.
I am most interested in your findings as I have come across these co-ordinates in No.16 Group files and a Naval Diary expressed as four letters followed by four figures e.g. YZMF 2524 and YZMF 4500 in the early hours of 15th August 1940 and the AHB were unable to state exactly what and where they were.

I thought I had cracked the principle (but not the locations) when I found a printed map titled "D/F Direction Finding Map" for GB and Europe for an RAF Op in December 1940 and although I thought the co-ordinates had changed by the December 1940 map, with the Easting grid marked with two letters on every grid line in pencil and the Northing grid marked with two letters on every grid line in pencil and because of this D/F Map, I was led to believe these co-ordinates were part of a Direction Finding Grid, although I could see tracks of aircraft and several fixes of aircraft within squares marked on the square grid?

I got most of this December 1940 Direction Finding Map on the scanner to get copies.

However, I should be very grateful for further enlightenment of what you are saying about them being a code for Lat. and Long., and also are you able to explain my two in Lat. and Long., please?

Thanks Mark
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