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Re: Just how would you defeat ISIS?

Originally Posted by John Beaman View Post
As for defeating ISIS, how about some ARC LIGHT strikes? We have plenty of B-52s doing nothing at the moment.
Hello John,

I would say 'plenty' somewhat exaggerates the number of B-52s available. I will try to look up the exact number of B-52s in the PMAI (Primary Mission Aircraft Inventory), but I would imagine it is no more than 50.

As to the state of USAF aircraft strength as a whole, there is a useful presentation by Lt. Gen. Deptula (Ret.) from May this year, see link - . Note, in particular, page 8 of this document, which shows large declines in the USAF inventory since the beginning of the War on Terror in 2001.

LtG Deptula is a very experienced officer, it is interesting to look through the wider body of his commentary. See his official biography here - .

Oh and a N.B. from me: you have a private message in your inbox, on Luftwaffe-related issues.

Warm regards,

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