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Re: Errata sheet for Bodenplatte (issue 5)

Originally Posted by Khorat View Post
January 1st a Fw 190 made a belly landing between Niederelbert and Unterhausen (near Montabaur), pilot unhurt, talking about engine problems.

maybe the one Fw190 with place Unterbauer ??

Page 281: According to ULTRA Reports two Fw 190A-8 of III./JG 11 made belly landings on 1.1.45; WNr. 733770 near Sonnenkahl (?) and WNr. 960460 near Unterbauer

Just a suggestion - nothing further known about this plane


I received the same information from a fellow researcher, the crash location was given with Oberelbert - 01.01.1945, 190, belly landing, pilot unhurt. What is your source?


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