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Short presentation of the project

Hello all of you

Please find below the cover of our first volume dedicated to Fw 190D-9 Camouflages and Markings . The book now is on sales , either by Japo our by book shops .

This project was a real european team work.

Marc Deboeck is living in Belgium
Tomas Poruba in Czech Republic
And me in France .

Marc and me are collecting and sharing information on this subject since 11 years now and we begin to write the book 3 and a half years ago .

Our Main goal was to share the conclusions we achieve regarding Fw 190 D-9 fully documented with the relating photos and the database of losses we completed within a single media support . During the conception of the book it came out that the book will be too big so we split it in two complementary volumes .

We would like to give readers either interested by this particular machine , Luftwaffe Fans or modellers (as we are also ) any information we have concerning each machine gathered on the same media . Not to be obliged to review four books , one booklet and several magazines , to have an overall view of the painting scheme or the history of the Fw 190 D-9 .

Our basic layout came out naturally , production batch by production batch . The sole way regarding our researches to present and to be able to recognize the common features and the differences between the Fw190 D-9.

So the first volume will cover Fw 190D-9s and Fw 190D-11s produced by Focke Wulf but also general chapters as the operational history of FW 190D-9 , the makings wore , the paint used regarding the official documents we were able to collect .

I hope you will enjoy this first opus

Do not hesitate to share your comments or questions with us on this forum .

Eric Larger
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